Disney World Dining

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Nancy asks…

Ever traveled to Disney World as a group?

My family is considering going to Disney for a week in June 2008. It would be for a family celebration (anniversary) and we would need about 6 or 7 rooms total. Is this enough to get discount rates? Are there any other special arrangements we should make ahead of time to be sure restaurants can accommodate the 18 to 22 people who will be dining together every evening? Any other tips or suggestions? Thanks.

Orlando answers:

Contact Disney World immediately. (even go to the website) When a group of 8 or more get together at Disney World it is called a “Grand Gathering”. (your group definitely fits those requirements)

There are several “special events” that you can participate in, such as a special character meal, a special safari, a fireworks cruise, and more. (these things cost extra, but they make wonderful memories)

Definitely make reservations for your groups dining. While most of the restaurants take “reservations”, they don’t actually “hold” the table for you, you would get the first available. But with such a large group there must be exceptions. (We had a group of 8 that went last year, so we didn’t have too much trouble with seating)

I don’t know if there are room discounts, you would have to contact Disney. You can get discounts with a AAA membership.

One thing you might want to consider is to add the Disney Dining Plan onto your reservation. It allows you 2 meal and one snack for each night of your stay. It is a very flexible plan. It costs roughly $40.00 per person per day, but you can eat just about ANYWHERE and it includes tips!

You can have special shirts made up that signify the special event. (ex. Mary & John’s 25th Wedding Anniversary, or Smith family reunion) These are fun to wear as a group!

To squeeze a little more time into your day, consider using “Single Rider lines” on some of the rides. Say 3 of you want to go on Test Track, but there is a 40 minute wait- usually single rider lines move quickly, and all 3 of you will probably get to ride within 15 minutes! (you won’t ride together, but you go in the same door, go out the same door, and it isn’t like you have all kinds of conversations during a 60- 90 second ride!! This is something that has helped us to do and see so much more during the day!

Well, I hope that this has helped some.

Have a great trip!!

George asks…

Disney world HELP?

So i am kinda excited about going to disney world kinda not, maybe because i want to see pictures so bad and want to know what is in the giftshops and gift prices. When ever i look stuff up, it never gives a visual perspective. So i am leaving in three days and want to know everything a kid and adult would love along with photos if possible. Thanx! I really dont know what to expect, even though i have been researching it for ever! Thanxs again!

Orlando answers:

That is so wonderful! I’m not leaving for another 22 days, but as I just went in August, I can tell you that there is so much to see and experience when you are down there. The beautiful shots that are on Disneyworld.com do not do it any justice. I would check www.allears.net to see real photos from recent vacations and get information on all the different rides. Shops, restaurants, etc. Where are you staying? On-site or off-site? If you are staying on-site, take advantage of the guest provided Disney Transportation and the Extra Magic Hour. Some Disney Parks (on specific days) will open up an Hour Early and Some Parks will stay open up to three hours after closing.

My best advice would be to enter the parks and start from the back and work your way to the front. This idea works best for the Magic Kingdom due to it’s design. You can work your way around in a circle and visit each “land” making stops at the more popular attractions.

The greatest addition to the theme parks is the use of Fast Pass. The kiosks are set up at the more popular rides (Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, etc.) and are designed to all guests to enjoy the park and still enjoy the more popular rides with little to no wait. You would go to a kiosk, enter your park ticket and you would receive your park ticket back along with a FastPass ticket that has a return time on it. Then you can go and visit other attractions, shops, restaurants and then when your time comes on, you go back and jump in on the Fast Pass Line. You cut your wait time in half (sometimes even more).

Some definite stops to make: If you have a child, visit Mickey’s Toontown Fair in the Magic Kingdom and the rides in FantasyLand. Epcot may not be as fun for a child, but there are some definite fun places like the Seas with Nemo and Friends and the Character Stop in Future World. Animal Kingdom and the Hollywood Studios both have rides & attractions/shows for both (Expedition Everest, Dinosaur in AK & Tower of Terror, Rock’n'roller Coaster in HS) adults and children.

Dining: If you are planning on eating at any restaurants besides quick/counter service ones, then you should check with Disney Dining and make Advance Dining Reservations. The restaurants fill up quick.

Overall: A vacation at Disney is really not a vacation, but more a stealth mission. You want to make sure you see everything in a short amount of time. Make sure to note that the weather can change in the blink of an eye and be prepared for anything. All theme parks require that you have your bags, pocketbooks, backpacks, etc checked before entering the park, so allow extra time for that. Bottled Water can be extremely expensive, so bring a refillable water bottle with you. Stroller prices recently went up, so if you will be using a stroller, it is worth it to bring an umbrella stroller with you.

If you need additional info, email me. Have a great time!

Robert asks…

Suggestions for Disney dining?

I am taking my six year old to Disney the last week of February. We have never been before. I have already booked reservations at Epcot for dinner on Saturday and Hollywood Studios for dinner on Sunday, but I still need a cool dining suggestions for Disney World, Animal Kingdom, etc. I need suggestions that my son will like as this trip is for his birthday and it’s all about him having fun this week.
Thanks for the suggestions!! I will call and see about booking some of these.
I have “Coral Reef” booked at Epcot, “Sci Fi” at Hollywood Studios…”Rain Forest Cafe” also sounds right up my son’s alley as he loves animals, fish, etc. and anything to do with space or cars!

Orlando answers:

The Animal Kingdom doesn’t have a lot in the way of dining, but a Character Breakfast at the Tusker House is VERY popular and I’ve heard is one of the best character dining experiences on property. I always have to work, though, so I haven’t had the chance to check it out!

Ohana’s is great too – it’s at the Polynesian Resort so you can just take the Monorail there from the Magic Kingdom. It’s a family style buffet, meaning you sit at a big table with other people, and they bring a bunch of food to your table and you pick from that. You can see the Magic Kingdom fireworks from there if you get reservations at the right time. Also, they have games that they get all the kids involved in like ‘Heads, Shoulders Knees and Toes’ in Hawaiian and pushing coconuts through the restaurant with brooms..

The Prime Time Cafe is one of my favorites. It’s in Hollywood Studios and set up like an old 1950′s kitchen. The waiters are moms dads, uncles, etc. But you have to be sure not to put your elbows on the table, because you will get in trouble!

As far as Epcot goes, I like the Biergarten. They have a band that comes out and plays, and they have a little dance floor for the kids. It’s also a buffet, so if your son is a picky eater, he can just try something else! And of course, they have mac and cheese and chicken nuggets incase he’s anti German food. :)

I hope you have a magical vacation! Be sure to sign up for the “What Will You Celebrate” thing too, and get him a birthday pin at your resort (all totally free)!!!!

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Disney World Vacations

Susan asks…

Disney World vacation with a rottweiler mix, please help!!!!!?

Ok, so my girlfriend and i live in tampa and love the short trip to disney. What we do not like is leaving our dog Hachi home. He has alot of special needs and there are few qualified to watch him for more then a few days at a time. So our next trip we want to bring him with us. I know we can’t stay at a nice hotel with a large dog. and the hotels i have researched that do allow dogs require someone in the room with the dog at all times. Is there a hotel near disney that i can keep him in a crate when i’m not there? Or will i have to rent a dog friendly vacation home? Thanks!

Orlando answers:

Disney recently opened a really nice pet care center right on Disney property. It’s right across from the Port Orleans resort. You can find more information here:


Daniel asks…

Where can I get a disney world vacation package?

Orlando answers:

You should go to on www.dizneyvacationworld.info/disney-package-vacation-world to find where you can get a disney world vacation package.

Sharon asks…

Going to Disney world?

Well I’m going to disney world during Easter vacation. I’m 14 years old and idk If I’m going to like it:p so what is it like? Is it fun? Haha thanks and if you have stories you’d like to tell about you experiencing diney world then I would be more than glad to hear them(: thanks!

Orlando answers:

Disney World is great. However, some kids your age have a kind of attitude problem about it because they are at the stage where they are poo-pooing anything that they perceive to be childish. Later these people grow up and pretty much get over it.

So, Disney World can be great fun. But, like most things, it really depends on your attitude going in. If you are open to the fun and want to have a good time then you will. I have seen people have a lousy time at an amusement park, and I have seen people have a good time digging a ditch. (Not an exageration. We were digging footings for a picnic shelter with picks and shovels.)

So, relax and go with it. It will be a great time.

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Disney World Dining

Nancy asks…

tips for disney world?

so im going to disney world with my family & want to know what to see! what are the best rides to go on? (im a fan of big roller coasters, but will ride everything) what are some of the best performances to see? what are the best parks to visit? what are some great restaurants? what are some of the other great places to go? like some of the good shopping stores? also, we are going around the last week of march, is it going to be crowded?! & what will the weather be like!?

Orlando answers:

Magic Kingdom:
~Go either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
~Either do this early in the morning or in the evening. In the middle of the day there are millions of cranky kids, plus their cranky parents, and little shade to hide from the sun.
~For lunch try the Plaza Inn down at the end of Main Street to the right, if you’ve gone into Tomorrowland you have gone to far. They practically blast the AC in there (great place to hide from the heat), and have great food at decent prices. Plus, if you go at the right time the Mayor of Main Street and his wife will visit!
~Check hidden corners! Especially entering Adventure Land, we found Rafiki and no line!
~Ride the main rides first! Or else they will be ridiculously long lines later. Some of these include: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Peter Pan.

~Go either Sunday , Wednesday, or Saturday.
~This took us a good full day! Especially with the World Showcase, we wanted to spend more time there. There were so interesting. Fun fact: Everyone who works in a country is from there and speaks that language. Plan as much time as you can for this!
~The fruit pupils from Mexico are GREAT!
~For the evening show, you can practically sit anywhere. Just before you stake out a spot make sure there isn’t an island in front of you!
~Are you a Disney Visa card holder? If so, you can get a free picture with a character. You can find more info on all you perks here:http://disneyrewards.disney.go.com/credit/themeparkperks.html

Animal Kingdom:
~ Go either Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday.
~This doesn’t take long. For us it took barely half a day. But if you have animal lovers then stay if you want.
~Also do this early in the morning. It’s cool so the animals are usually still out.
~Do the Kilimanjaro Safari first things too. Go get a fastpass for Expedition Everest then go ride this! Go back to Everest ride it, and then use your fast pass!
~Be sure to see Finding Nemo The Musical! Get there early to get good seats.

Hollywood Studios:
~Go either Thursday or Friday.
~If you like Stars Wars go on Firday! Trust me!
~Ride the Rockin Roller Coaster. It’s great. We waited 70 minutes to ride it. WORTH IT! If you are scared to ride it because it’s fast and upside down, don’t worry! I was and I didn’t have time to be scared!
~We didn’t get as much time here so I can’t really give anymore.

Downtown Disney:
~We did this the day we got there and the day we left.
~For food eat at Paradisco 37. They have great food!
~WORLD OF DISNEY! Plan to be there for hours, literally. I got lost in it. It’s HUGE! If you are staying on property they can deliver your purchases to your hotel, this goes for a lot of those places around the park.
~There is a giant tethered hot air balloon. You can ride in it for a small price! This is a must! You can see major icons from each park up there!

Character Meals:
~We always do one. I’m 17 and LOVE it, my dad even gets into it and takes pictures with some of them!
~Usually we save this for one of our last days in the parks.
~Yes, they are pricy, but they are really worth it. If you have a birthday or anniversary tell your server and they’ll come sing!
~I suggest Akershus in Epcot. It has classic Norwegian food that’s very good!
~Here is a website with more character meals and such: http://www.wdwinfo.com/Just_for_kids/character_dining.cfm

Have fun! If you have any other questions feel free to contact me!

Helen asks…

Anybody have any real good ways to save money on dining in and around Disney World?

Orlando answers:

If you actually want to dine at some of the great restaurants around Walt Disney World, check out the Disney Dining Plan.


It’s a pretty cool opportunity to get to go to the really nice restaurants.

If you still don’t want to spend money like that, try taking your own snacks and foods. Disney allows you to take in your own food. You could take sandwiches and chips and drinks. The first couple of years my family went we were so poor that’s the only way we got to go is if we took all of our own food.

Also check out http://www.mousesavers.com/. They will have some great dining deals on there at times. They will also have ticket deals, and hotel deals. They are reliable.

Please let me know if you have any more questions jbwatkns@yahoo.com. I’ve been going for 15 years.

James asks…

Planning A Tip To Disney World, Help Please?

Im Planning A Trip to Disney World, Im 19 , My Wife Is 18 And Son Is 2 Years Old Around How Much Money Should Be Brought/Spent On Average For The Entire Trip
Plane Tickets Are Going To be $825 But I Round Everything To Da Higher Hundred To Be Safe So
$900 For The Plane, Hotel Is $438 ($500) For 7 Nights And Then The Disney World Tickets Were Getting With The Go To Any Theme Park As Much As You Want And Water Parks Included Average About 1,000 Total For 3 Of Us, Food I Was Thinking ABout $500, Another $500 For A Car, Then ANother For Gifts/ Souviners

Total Of ABout 3,900
I was Thinking ABout Saving Atleast 5,000 For The ENtire Trip Would That Be Good?

Orlando answers:

Hi there!
5 grand will definitely be enough for a Disney vacation! Good for you for being so prepared! The only thing you may want to consider is getting the dining plan because it does save money and it gives you the opportunity to get whatever you want and not worry about price. Also, do you plan on staying at a Disney hotel? Since you are getting a car and if you drive it to the parks the parking can add up. Parking is free if you stay at a Disney hotel or you could use their free transportation. If you want any free help in planning or to see if I can get it any cheaper feel free to email me misty@magicalvacationplanner.com I’m a Disney travel agent and love to help =) Hope to hear from you and if not, have an awesome time!

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Disney World Map

Lisa asks…

Lots of ?’s Disney world. LONG?

Okay, so I plan on taking our first trip to Disney World (finally) We are planning to go for 7 days, 6 nights. (February 17th – 23rd) it will be myself, husband, our children ages 4 and 1, my father, and my two sisters ages 16 and 3.
We will also be planning on driving there, it will be a 22 hour drive.

The questions I had were:
On average how much does one spend at disney world with souvenirs and what not?
what should we pack for disney world?
what is the checking in process like?
what do we need to take for check in?
do you have to pay for the monorail or admission for anything like that?
is it better to rent or bring your own stroller for home?
what are kid friendly rides?
must sees for disney world?
any suggestions for souvenirs to bring back home (like bakes goods, etc.)?
what exactly is the ‘photopass’?
how much should we pack?

sorry for all the dumb little questions, but i am a very detailed person and like to plan way ahead and when it comes down to this we are pretty lost.
finances should not be a problem, with like buying thing that need to be packed for this trip if any.
i was thinking of buying disneystore gift cards from the website and loading them with anywhere from $200-300 a person? is that enough or too much, too little?
I don’t wish to be bashed on over things like this i just want very detailed opinions. and would love to make this trip an amazing one to remember for everyone.

another thought, it has been my dads DREAM since he was 3 to go to disney world. is there anything to do to make it that more special for him at disney world? also, I love taking pictures of everything. how big of a memory card will i need for disneyworld?

thanks in advance

Orlando answers:

On average how much does one spend at disney world with souvenirs and what not?

It’s really hard to give a good answer on this. There is such a huge variety of available souvenirs, and preferences vary quite a bit. Our 3 kids “only” spent a total of about $350 on souvenirs on our last trip – and they each got quite a bit.

What should we pack for disney world?

Comfortable clothes and shoes. In the winter, you may encounter some cooler weather, especially in the mornings and evenings, so bringing a jacket would be good. Bring a backpack to take in the parks.

What is the checking in process like?

You will go to the check-in desk or building at your resort, depending on where you are staying. There, you give your name and they will find your reservation, assign you your room, give you your keys and usually a resort map and other information, and will then direct you to your room location.

What do we need to take for check in?

You will need photo ID for the person under whose name each room is reserved. They also will want a credit card for incidentals.

Do you have to pay for the monorail or admission for anything like that?

No – Disney trasnsportation is free to use. You have to pay for park admission of course, but the use of the monorail, buses, and boats is all free of charge.

Is it better to rent or bring your own stroller for home?

I find it far cheaper and generally easier to bring my own. The only downside of bringing my own is trying to handle it on the buses and monorail. But that still is not usually a big issue.

What are kid friendly rides?

Most rides are kid-friendly. At Magic Kingdom, I’d definitely recommend Dumbo, the teacups, It’s a Small World, Peter Pan, and the Flying Carpets. At EPCOT, do the Seas with Nemo and Friends. Younger kids often don’t love EPCOT though. At Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Mania is a must! At Animal Kingdom, be sure to see the Lion King and Nemo shows, and ride the Safari.

Must sees for disney world?

The parades are all great, although I wouldn’t waste park time staking out a seat really far in advance, which you see some people doing. The shows at the end of the night are all great as well. Fantasmic at HS is really great, and so is Illuminations at EPCOT. Be sure to get a picture in front of the castle at MK!

Any suggestions for souvenirs to bring back home (like bakes goods, etc.)?

I don’t know of any baked goods in particular. There is a great candy shop on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, where you could find some treats to take home. Kids like the mouse ears, and you can get them personalized at the hat shop on Main Street. There are tons of souvenir choices – just have to find something you like.

What exactly is the ‘photopass’?

Disney has photographers all over the parks – they have them at every character meet and greet, and also in front of the major attractions. When you first have a photo taken by one of those photographers, they will give you a Photopass card. Give that card to the rest of the photographers, and your pictures will all be stored in an online account for you. You can get online and look at them, and purchase prints or a CD. The prints and CD are not cheap, but they do usually get some great shots. There is no charge to have your photos taken, and you are not obligated to buy. You are also able to take your own photos in all of those locations.

How much should we pack?

Pack at least one set of clothes per day. You should probably include swimsuits, and I like to pack extra socks and underwear, just in case.

Memory card: I have a 4GB memory card in my camera and I have yet to fill it up. At one point it had over 1500 pictures on it. I don’t have my camera set to the highest resolution, so the files aren’t huge, but they are moderate in size.

For your dad: I think just being there with the family will make it special. You can get a 1st Time Visitor button from Guest Services (for him and for the rest of you), and Cast Members will comment on that, which can make you feel a little extra special. You might also consider a special meal – maybe a character meal or just a really nice dinner.

One thing to note – it looks like you’re going during President’s Day week, which is a busy time at Disney. The Jan and Feb crowds are usually pretty low, except during that week (rates are higher then as well). So prepare for crowds, and make use of things like the Fast Passes (allow you to skip lines at popular rides) and Extra Magic Hours (one park each day either opens early or closes late, but only for guests of Disney resorts). Get to the parks early as well.

Nancy asks…

Why isn’t disney world open in the summer?

I may be mistaking, but on the site I looked up times and it only listed months Aug., Sep., Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan., and Feb., I mean u’d think that they would be open over the summer. Maybe I’m just reading this wrong, here’s the link, scroll down past the calender and it lists the months, HELP PLZ.


just click on park hours to veiw

Orlando answers:

All of the theme parks at Walt Disney World (and Disneyland, as well as the other world-wide Disney resorts) are open every day of the year.

You need to check the official Disney website:


James asks…

Disney World Special Apperances??!!??

My family and i are going to disney world from aug.3rd to the 9th. My children were wondering if anyone famous was going to be there while we were on our trip. Is there any way we can find out if someone is performing or having a meet and greet?

Orlando answers:

Mickey will be there! Seriously, if you are going on vacation to see famous people, then you should change your tickets and try Hollywood, CA. I have literally been to Disney World a million times (I was even there the year it opened.) and have never seen anyone famous except for an occassional concert. Since there are hundreds of thousands of people in Orlando at any one time, I would imagine it would be next to impossible to arrange for a meet and greet unless you are famous yourself. There are many opportunities to meet Disney Characters in every park- the park maps will list places to go. In Magic Kingdom, make sure you visit Toontown- inside the circus tent building they have lines to meet different characters. Next to that is Mickey’s house where you can meet the mouse himself.

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Disney World Vacations

Paul asks…

Disney world vacation next year:)?

is going to disney world smart in early june, like the first week. Any tips for a first time vacation to disney with a 16 year old and a 9 year old?

Orlando answers:

I am a Disney Nut and vacation in the WDW properties yearly. It’s hard to give you all the best tips, since you didn’t mention how long you’re staying, what your budget is, or where your hotel is – but here is my expert advice.
1. Take tons of pictures.
2. The water fountains have the worst water – you’ll want to bring your own and refill/freeze them in your hotel room at night. The water is expensive.
3. It’s gonna be hot and humid, but if you dress appropriately, you’ll survive. Comfortable shoes are a must – and you can wear flip-flops – no restrictions in the park.
4. Learn about the Fast Pass program – you’ll be able to ride your favorite/most popular rides more if you figure this simple appointment program out fast.
5. If you stay in a WDW resort, one park will open 1 hour early each day and another one will stay open late. Take advantage of this!
6. If you’re not staying on WDW property, be aware that you can/should start traveling to the park about 1 hour before scheduled opening time. Mornings are usually busy, but not nearly as busy as midday.
7. My favorite places to eat – In the Magic Kingdom, I love the hotdogs at Casey’s Dugout on Main Street. In MGM, you’ve got to go to the ’50′s Prime Time cafe (reservations required)! In Epcot, we like to hit the Mexico for some great cheap Mexican food. Be aware that some vendors in the World Showcase do not accept credit cards or room cards – so this will be one place you may need cash. In the Animal Kingdom, we tried to eat any unusual foods we found for each of the Lands.
8. I’d definitely suggest getting your picture taken at the rides that offer them. They make awesome reminders of the fun and it’s nearly impossible to get a good picture on the ride itself.
9. Chapstick, water, flip-flops, credit/debit/room card and sunglasses are about the only things you need, but if it’s really hot, you’ll want one of those spray bottle fans – they are a lifesaver!
10. Since it’s the first time for the kids, try to make it magical. If you’re on a tight budget, splurge on a t-shirt, Mickey ears hat, and food/water. Honestly, the food in general is not THAT good. It’s pretty expensive for the quality, but you should be able to eat for less than $10 a meal per person or less.
11. If you’re on a really tight budget, buy t-shirts and Disney pins online before going rather than in the park. Pin trading is fun for the little ones. Also, if you want to collect the character autographs, I’d suggest buying a book before leaving home.
12. Order maps of the park online or print them out so that you know your way around. Especially in the Magic Kingdom, you can get a bit lost. Do your research on the Disney websites so you know where there is to eat and how much it’s likely to cost.
13. Give your kids a budget on their spending in advance and don’t spend in the first store you find. Most of the gifts are available in all the stores – but if you find something a bit odd, be sure to grab it and take advantage of the service where they will send your purchases to the front of the park to pick up on your way out in the evening so you’re not stuck lugging bags around all day.
14. Depending on your time line, I’d tell you to pace yourself, but be prepared that you’ll likely not be able to see it all and do it all. Discuss what each persons ‘must haves’ are and try to fullfill those things and save the rest for dreaming later!


Steven asks…

Walt Disney world Vacation?

Ok so i was looking online about booking a vacation to walt disney world. With 7 days 2 adults and 1 child (5yrs old) with the hotel and the magic your way base ticket, okay so i know that includes one theme park per day of your ticket. but there is only 4 parks right? so can i use it for the water parks too or how does that work? i know the park is big but what other things i can use the ticket instead of the magic kingdom, epcot, disney Hollywood studio and animal kingdom cause im going there regardless. and as for the shows is it free or what? And it had something about dining, what does that include? sorry i never been to walt disney world..Please give me all the information i need thank

sorry about using all lower case
So example for 2 adults, 1 child 7 days stay

hotel: at the disney all stay music resort:

theme park: 7 day magic your way base ticket

dining and entertain: magic your way package. OKAY SO WHAT DOES THAT INCLUDE??????

for the whole total is 1,767.37 IS THAT GOOD?

Orlando answers:

How exciting, you are in for a huge treat. WDW is the number one vacation destination for good reason. ITs awesome. I will do my best to answer the questions.

First off yes there are four theme parks. Your base ticket will get you in to one park per day and ONLY one park. Basically, if you go to the Magic KIngdom in the Morning you can come and go to the magic kingdom as much as you want all day but you will not be able to visit any of the other parks during that same same day.

A lot of people upgrade to the park hopper option which allows you to jump around each of the four parks in a single day. So for example you can spend your morning at the magic kingdom and then swim at your hotel in the hot afternoon and then head over to one of the countries in Epcot for Dinner and Illuminations.
The two water parks are seperate tickets because they cost less to go to. So they are not included on your current ticket. YOu can upgrade your ticket to the Waterparks and More which will allow you unlimited access to the two waterparks and the indoor attraction at Downtown Disney called DisneyQuest.
In the parks all rides and shows are all included in the price of admission. The only thing you need to pay for inside the parks is food and souviners.

Speaking of food. Since your at a Disney Resort you really should take advantage of the Dining Plan. There are different levels so you will want to speak with a rep to see which works for you. The basic and I think most popular is one quick service, one sit down and one snack. A quick service meal bascially is like fast food, you go to counter and order and take your food to a table. They are all over the parks. The sit down restaurants are amazing but quite expensive. The dining plan allows you to relax and try something new without worrying about the cost. A dinner at a sit down restaurant without the dining plan would cost three of you well over a hundred dollars so a dining plan is such a great value. Lastly, if you want to try any of the sit down restaurants located inside the theme parks I strongly reccomend you make the reservations as soon as possiible. Call 407-WDW DINE and they will help you out.

If you 5 year old is a little princess then you may want to look at signing her up for a princess makeover at the Bibbity Boppity Boutique. They have different packages from just the hair to the whole princess deal with hair, dress, shoes and sash. The girls love it and oftne spend the whole trip without showing because they dont want to ruin the hair. You can call 407 WDW STYLE and they will set you all up.

Gosh this is getting long.
As a resort guest you can take advantage of Extra Magic Hours. These are special times in the morning and evenings on certain days where the park is open ONLY for resort guest. This is a great time to ride those attractions that typically have huge wait times.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me. I love to help

Maria asks…

Disney World Vacations?!?

So my hubby is deployed right now, but when he comes home at the end of the year we are planning a family vacation to Disney World… It will only be me and him, and our son who will be 3 years old. We are looking at going around Dec. or Jan ’09 depending on when he gets home, because you never know with the military. So I am looking for some websites or any information you have for military discounts and good prices for the vacation?!?!?
We will be driving down there.. Also want to know which ones are the best parks that a 3 year old will like?!? We definitely want the Magic Kingdom in there… Jus some ideas and websites please and prices on what you think we would spend? We would be going for 3days 4 nights!!


Orlando answers:

Seaworld has a Salute to Heroes program whereby one adult can get in for free and it may extend to the new Aquatica waterpark as well. Check this website.


here is the local convention and visitor website for discounts also


this site is updated throughout the year so be sure and cut back.

Most hotels offer military discounts just be sure you ask, also have your husband check with his units special services which should have more info on discounted deals.

Park wise that a 3 yr old will enjoy most include the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Seaworld. I know there will be rides that the two of you want to go on that your child won’t be able to ride so check into the share a ride program at Disney.
Hope these suggestions help. Have a great trip.

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Disney World Map

Nancy asks…


?ok gotta do a report on disney world
i know it has different mini parks in it
wat r they?
tell me every thing u know about
wat rides r there in the little lands /parks
like, at disney land , theres fantasy land and tomarrow land.
wat is it like at DISNEY WORLD?

Orlando answers:

They have their own police force. They have underground tunnels. You can stay the night in the Cinderella’s Castle suite now if you win a contest (new since 2006). They have parades and fireworks. The have characters walking around the park, and also a children’s area called Mickey’s Birthday Land where characters hang out too. If you ask, they will let you ride in the FRONT of the monorail. They have Tom Sawyer’s Island. You take a boat there and explore caves and a fort. The rest you can get from the link below. It’s a map that shows the different section names and the rides.

Mark asks…

Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom addresses?

Next year I am going to Disney World. I would like to know the addresses for all of the parks where i will be going so I can get accurate directions. I could not find the addresses for hOLLYWOOD sTUDIOS AND aNIMAL kINGDOM

Orlando answers:

Disney Hollywood Studios
50 Animation Dr
Bay lake, FL 32830

Animal Kingdom
505 N Rainforest Rd
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Also, if you are staying On-Property you can talk to the Concierge at your resort. They have a resort map and can give you driving directions from your resort also. If you are driving around the resort once you are On-Property they have the signs pretty well marked especially for the Theme Parks so even if you just had a map to the Resort area once you are there you could still find your way around.

David asks…

Going to Walt Disney World in Feb 2010.?

This is our first trip to Disney (me, my wife, 3 1/2 yr old and 13 mth old). What is the one thing that we should make sure to due that is free b4 we leave and is there anything there that cost money to do but is definitely worth the Xtra price. And is there anything we should avoid doing. And we are staying for 5 nights do we tip housekeeping and if so how much?

Orlando answers:

When we took our 2 year old last year, I mailed individual milk cartons ahead of time (the ones that you don’t have to refrigerate)….because he drinks A LOT of milk and it can get pretty expensive at Disney… …I went to Target and bought the Horizon organic 8 oz milk boxes and mailed them USPS priority mail a few days before we left for our trip (a lot cheaper doing it this way rather than checking it on the plane because of the weight limits) …the sending mailing label was addressed to myself with my reservation # and date of our arrival on the label, and then I put in C/O All Star Sports with their hotel address. When we got to our hotel, the package was already there waiting for us….I did call Disney ahead of time to check if it was okay and told them that he only drinks organic, and they were fine with it. …I also brought some milk on the plane in my carry-on (although it’s over the 3.5 oz FAA limit, it is allowed since it’s construed as baby food and it was in a pre-packaged container)….just in case you’re flying.

As far as the actual vacation, just enjoy and pace yourselves…I heard February is a great time to go (mild weather and less crowds) …Personally, I bought a Chicco umbrella stroller (easier to haul back and forth on the bus as opposed to the large strollers) …it was great because it still had under storage compartment, sun canopy, 5 point harness, and also came in it’s own carrying case with a shoulder strap (great for the plane)…also bought the “Sunshine Kids buggy buddy” cup holder to attach to the handles.

There are 3 “play” places that I can think of that are geared for little ones. Magic Kingdom has “Pooh’s Play Spot” located just across the Pooh ride in Fantasyland….Hollywood Studios has “Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie set adventure playground” I think it’s located towards the Backlot Tours…. Last, there’s the “Boneyard” playground in the Animal Kingdom’s Dinoland area. …These places are fantastic in getting out all that “bottled up” energy little toddlers always seem to have….and there’s only one entrance/exit in each playground to help ease our worries. …Also, EPCOT has “kidscot”…you can go to different areas throughout the park and kids can draw/color a mask and get a passport stamp in each individual country.

As far as anything extra, there’s already enough to see and do at Disney that even in 5 nights, you probably will not get to see it all…so it’s not necessary to add anymore attractions (other than Disney) to your list….though, I do like to take a half day out and hotel-hop to see where I want to stay on our next trip…Animal Kingdom Lodge has a great Savannah with animals roaming the grounds freely. Oh, and try to stay away from Magic Kingdom on Sat, Sun, and Mon…it can be very crowded those days .

As far as housekeeping…that’s an individual decision…personally, we always leave a $2 tip on the pillow each morning at any hotel we stay at (Disney or otherwise)…in my opinion, it’s just a nice way to show gratitude.

All in all, have a wonderful time and take time out to “stop and smell the roses”…Disney always has little special tidbits that out do any other theme park we’ve been to… Example, make sure you go to New York street in Hollywood Studios and grab the umbrella attached to the light post…and also be sure to visit Mickey and Minnie’s house at ToonTown Fair in Magic Kingdom, or keep an eye out for the 3 janitors pushing the trashcans in EPCOT’s future world…now that’s what Disney’s all about.

Good websites for more Disney info:
http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/ …get free DVD and free customized maps sent to your home.
Http://www.allears.net/index.html …great tips and also click the “dining” category and then click “the menus!” to get the list of food items and prices for all the restaurants/counter service places.

UPDATE: Hey, if you’re staying at Disney resort, keep checking their website to see if any “special offers” come up during your stay in February…if something pops up, you can just call Disney and they will make the adjustment towards your package…Also, if you’re flying do you know about “Disney’s Magical Express”?? …it’s free shuttle to and from Orlando International Airport.

…have a fantastic time!!! …Can’t wait to go back again!

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Disney World Dining

Betty asks…

Do you like the quick service dining plan at Disney World?

Going end of May with hubby and a five and 6 year old. Got reg. dining plan last year. We’re not big eaters… so not getting it again.

Orlando answers:

If the regular dining plan was too much, the quick service dining will be the same. Lots of food there too! I actually thought the quick service meals had more food than the table service, in some locations. I wouldn’t do a dining plan, if you are not big eaters. If you are just wanting to pay in advance so it is taken care of ahead of time, try putting money on your “key’s to the world,” and just using it like a debit card.

Daniel asks…

Disney World!!?

How much would it be for a family of 7 to go to Disney World,Orlando,Florida?? We want to suprise my siblings for easter:)

Orlando answers:

There are way too many variables for anyone to give you a good idea of price. It will depend on when you go, how long you are there, where you stay, what type of ticket you get, whether you need to include airfare, etc. No one can give you an estimate without knowing these things.

You can easily go to the Disney World website, and plug in the above information, and get an estimate. It will very likely been a few thousand dollars.

We went with 7 a few years ago – we were there for 4 nights at a Moderate resort in late September (the cheapest time to go) and had 4-day Park Hopper tickets and the Plus dining plan. However, there was promotion then that made the kids’ tickets free, which saved us about $1,000. We still ended up paying about $4,000 total for the adult rooms and tickets, before airfare.

George asks…

Dining plans at Disney world in Orlando?

My wife and I are going to DW in June for the first time :) We are staying at a Disney resort. I am confused about the dining plans. Do I need to get it? Or we will pay the same amount without it? What do you think?

Orlando answers:

I would get it. I think a part of the Disney vacation is trying out their table serve restaurants.

The dining plan does save you money. Once snack, one counter serve and one table service is more than enough.
Check out www.allears.net for all disney menus and prices and info on the dining plans.

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Disney World Vacations

Paul asks…

how to budget a disney world vacation?

My family of 5 (2 adults, 3 kids ages 15, 14, and 12) is going to Disney World at the end of June. We’re really going because we found amazing seats to the June 30th “One Direction” concert for our daughters. We live in Boston, and are leaving June 28th and coming home July 1st. We’d like to get there early in the morning and leave at night, so we can have more time in the parks. The tickets for the concert are $2,505 and we’d like to keep our trip around 5-6 thousand. Thanks!
im asking how to budget a trip so its around 6 thousand dollars (including the concert tickets)

Orlando answers:

The best way save money is not to buy a package from a travel agent, but put together your own package. You can save a bundle that way. You’d need to calculate your own costs – but with a modest amount of work you’ll save money, possibly a lot money, and hopefully meet your budget of $6,000.

There is a guide, written by a former Disney cast member, which may prove helpful – http://www.downloadfocus.com/download_the_ultimate_disney_world_savings_guide.php

There are some other money-saving guides to Disney vacations here:

David asks…

Help my fellow Disney World addicts?

I’m leaving for Disney World September 12th 2009, and it seems like it will never get here. What do you do when your trip is far away and you might burst!
Sexy Mama of 2 cuties- You are extremely rude.

Orlando answers:

Plan, plan, PLAN!

Go buy “The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2009″. This was the best $20 I spent for my family’s July 2008 vacation to Disney. The book contains reviews for restaurants, hotels, and attractions on and off Disney property. However, the best part of the book are the touring plans! The plans give you step by step instructions on where to go and when to go in order to avoid the longest lines.

For example: “Soarin” in EPCOT is one of the most popular rides in all of Disney. A 2-hour wait in line is not uncommon to partake in this awesome experience. However, using the touring plan in the book and maximizing Disney’s “Fast Pass” system, we were able to ride it twice in a row without waiting in line one time!

By the way, if you don’t know what the “Fast Pass” system is, then definitely get the book or ask us that are in the know at yahooanswers. It’s fast, easy, and one of the few FREE things in Disney. Yes, it is absolutely FREE!

Go out and buy the book today. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Other things you can do is record and rewatch every Disney World themed progrom on The Travel Channel. Search YouTube for videos of rides and other attractions. Get the free Disney World DVD vacation planner offerend at disneyworld.com. Visit allears.net daily.

Have fun!

Helen asks…

Have you worked at Disney World?

I would like to work at Disney World, my goal is to be a dancer but if I don’t make it, I would like to work in a store or an office. I would like any information or tips you can give me. Also where do all the employees live that work there?

Orlando answers:

Here is some information from disneycareers.com.
I hope it helps.

The Walt Disney World® Resort is the most popular vacation spot in the world. Located on 46 square miles near Orlando, FL, this total vacation destination provides an abundance of entertainment experiences.

Today, the Walt Disney World® Resort features many attractions and a variety of live entertainment shows within its four parks: the Magic Kingdom®, Epcot®, Disney-MGM Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park. Seventeen Resort hotels offer more than 23,000 rooms of themed accommodations. The Walt Disney World Resort also contains three water parks, a six-acre island nighttime entertainment complex, and a variety of recreational facilities. Complete convention and banquet events are tailored for business and leisure groups, including conferences and weddings. Finally, also located there is Disney’s Wide World of Sports™ complex, an international amateur sports complex.

Off-site vacation destinations affiliated with Disney Vacation Club include Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort, located in Hilton Head Island, SC, and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, located in Vero Beach, FL

Disney Cruise Line, based in Celebration, FL, is a new kind of Disney magic. Two Disney ships inspired by the glorious ocean liners of the past embark on voyages that carry Guests who are combining land-sea vacation cruises to The Bahamas with stays at the Walt Disney World Resort.

The Walt Disney World Resort has positions in a variety of areas, including Casting Services (which recruits entry-level, hourly Cast Members, skilled tradespeople, and administrative support); Executive and Professional Recruiting (which recruits industry professionals); College Recruiting (which recruits undergraduates for full-time working and learning experiences); Entertainment (which recruits parade performers, singers, dancers, musicians, stage technicians, stunt performers, and DJs); and International Recruiting (which recruits international students for working and learning experiences).
Ever wonder what it would be like to be a Cast Member?

One of the first things you’ll notice are all the excellent benefits offered. Whether you’re part-time, full-time, or seasonal, Cast Members receive competitive pay and the opportunity to work for the world’s leading entertainment and hospitality company. But that’s just for starters.

All Cast Members at the Walt Disney World® Resort typically receive:

Free Park admission to four of the most famous theme parks in the world
Discounts on theme park tickets and merchandise
Access to a Cast Member-only lake and recreation area with tennis, volleyball, and an Olympic-size swimming pool
Ongoing career and technical training
Discounts with local merchants and attractions
Plus, if you are a full-time Cast Member, you may be eligible for:

Excellent medical benefits plans
Excellent dental and vision benefits plans
Retirement plan
Paid holidays, vacations, and sick days, and much more!
Tangible benefits like excellent medical, dental, and retirement plans aren’t the only things you may be eligible for as a full-time Cast Member. The Disney family is always looking for ways to reach out to potential Cast Members who want to make friends, make magic, and make a difference. That’s why thousands of people become a part of the Disney family each year.

The WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort is the largest single-site employer in the United States, which means lots of opportunities for you.

Over 3,000 different job classifications
Management opportunities
Because the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort is such a popular vacation destination, many of our Cast Members work 40 hours or more each week throughout the year.
The Disney Difference

Listed here are some of the many programs, services, benefits, and activities offered to Cast Members. You should be aware that the specific details about eligibility, qualifications, and restrictions on all the listed programs, services, benefits, or activities may vary. In addition, the company reserves the right to amend, supplement, rescind, or terminate programs, services, benefits, or activities as it deems appropriate in its sole and absolute discretion, whether or not in writing. Should you be offered and accept employment with the company, please refer to the appropriate union contract or Employee Policy manual for more specific information, which may be currently applicable to you.

If you or any of your family or friends would like to discover the Disney Difference, just call the Walt Disney World JobLine at (407) 828-1000 and press “1″. You’ll hear all about the exciting roles that we have available. You’ll also have the opportunity to speak directly with one of our Casting Agents.

So call today. And watch the smiles and benefits add up as you discover the opportunities at the WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort.

The Walt Disney World JobLine at (407) 828-1000† is open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

During your interview, the following topics may be discussed:

Compensation: Pay rate is competitive for the Central Florida market. Excellent benefits are generally available based on your work status/tenure.

Appearance: As a Cast Member, you will be expected to comply with specific appearance guidelines.
For men, hair should have a neat, natural look, cut over the ear and off the collar. You must be clean-shaven every day. You may wear one ring per hand and a watch. However, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are not acceptable.
For women, hair must be a natural color, with no streaking or frosting. Make-up and nail polish should be in natural tones, applied as an enhancement to your appearance. Fingernails should be no longer than 1/4 inch beyond the fingertip. You may wear one ring per hand and a watch. Earrings should be post-style, no larger than a quarter. However, bracelets and necklaces are not acceptable.

Scheduling: Most full-time and seasonal roles require full availability including late nights, weekends, and holidays. Part-time roles allow greater flexibility.
Full-Time: Full-time Cast Members generally work 30-40 hours per week.
Part-Time: Part-time Cast Members generally work up to 24 hours per week.
Seasonal: Seasonal and on-call Cast Members generally work from 0-40 hours per week during peak periods such as Christmas, Easter, and summer.

Transportation: Cast Members must have a reliable means of transportation to get to and from work.

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Disney World Dining

Sandra asks…

Disney world Orlando?

my mum is planning a family holiday to Disney florida but we don’t know how long would be enough time to go around all disney and the other places around there including shopping.we thought two weeks but is that enough or is three better???

Orlando answers:

Wow, two weeks is PLENTY! You would be able to see and do everything you want to and take your time. I usually go with my family for about a week or so, and there is always something that we miss or wish we could see again.

I would strongly suggest a couple of things. First of all stay at one of the Disney resorts. Staying at the Disney resorts is the best way for you to get the most of your Disney visit regardless of how long you stay. They are competitive in price with just about everything else in Orlando, you get the famous Disney first class service and you get something that no one else can give, PERKS. Disney takes care of their resort guests. There is the Extra Magic hours, where one park is open early and one late for resort guests only. There is free transportation to and from Orlando Int’l Airport for each of the resorts. Unlimited use of the Disney transportation system (the off site resort have shuttle service, but you are on their time not your own. Plus some of them charge extra for it, like a cab service.) Staying with Disney gives you the best experince, by far.

When purchasing your tickets, especially if your staying for that length of time, at the very least add the Park Hopper option. The park hopper option to your ticket allows you to come and go as you please, where the base ticket only allows for one park per day. For example, say you have spent the day at the Animal Kingdom, and want to catch the Fantasmic fireworks and light show at MGM in the evening. You are only able to do that if you have the park hopper option. It just gives you the flexibility you need to have the best vacation possible!

If you need some more info there are a few places I would recommend. First, go to the Disney website. It is very easy to use, and you can check out a description of each of the rides and attractions, and use the resort comparison tool to decide which resort will be right for you. Next, check out the disboards. The disboards is a message board type website all about going to Disney. You can ask questions, get resort reviews, dining reviews, trip reports, tips and tricks from people who go often and know what they are talking about, and much more. There is even a section about the rest of Orlando, including Sea World and Universal, etc. Finally, go to the local bookstore and get the Birnbaum’s guide to WDW. There are a ton of guide books out there, but that is the one we have always found the most factual and most informative.

Hope this helps, have a great trip!

Ruth asks…

Walt Disney World: Dining?

I going to Disney in September and I booked my dining reservations.

1. Chef Mickey’s
2. 1900 Park Fare
3. 50′s Prime Time Cafe (first time eating there)
4. The Garden Grill
5. Ohana
6. San Angel Inn (first time eating there)

What are your favorite places to eat at when you go?
Have a Magical Day!
oops I forgot one. The Crystal Palace.

Orlando answers:

Those are great choices! Some of my faves are on your list. My favorite table service restaurants are;
magic kingdom
-crystal palace
-cinderella’s royal table
-liberty tree tavern

-san angel inn
-garden grill restaurant

hollywood studios:
-sci-fi drive in theater

animal kingdom:

downtown disney:
-cap’n jacks

-chef mickeys

Lizzie asks…

Disney World honeymoon a mistake?

Tomorrow morning I am booking a honeymoon trip for Port Orleans Riverside in Disney World. 5 Nights with Dining and a 6 day park hopper pass with flight from SLC for $2200. Can someone reassure me that I am doing/have done the right thing? I always loved Disney LAND as a kid but have been enough now that it isn’t quite as exciting. I have never been to Disney World? Is it any better? Should we just go to San Francisco or San Diego or Las Vegas or something instead? I liked the idea of Disney World because of there is a lot to do it seems like. We don’t drink anymore, so please don’t just say “get slammed and you’ll have a blast” lol. Thanks for your help!
My fiance was the one who suggested WDW to me but she isn’t sure about it either! It doesn’t help that neither of us have been and don’t know what to expect. Though we both liked the idea of Disney Dining, not having to worry about paying for meals!

Orlando answers:

First of all, Congrats to you both!!!
I think WDW is a great place for a honeymoon! Yes, you have done the right thing and will have a fantastic, magical and romantic time!

The Riverside is an excellent resort (I actually celebrated my honeymoon there also!). It’s very lush and green, and even though it’s Disney, it doesnt feel like Disney. It feels like you’re in the deep south, the Mississippi bayou. The landscaping has won some awards, there’s a great restaurant, a short walk to PO French Quarter, and if you don’t want to walk you can take a romantic cariage ride or hop on a boat to Downtown Disney.

You can spend all your time in the themeparks and won’t be bored for a minute, there is so much to see and do! But if you want something else that doesnt involve Mickey & co., go see Cirque Du Soleil, rent a boat (breathless or pontoon) to view Illuminations from the water, take a behind the scenes tour, do the Richard Petty Driving Experience, go parasailing, play golf, take a Surfing Class at Typhoon Lagoon, take a romantic stroll on the beach at the Polynesian resort, go to the spa, get a massage or spend a night at Pleasure Island or the Boardwalk.

For dining, there is nothing more romantic than having dinner at California Grill at the Contemporary Resort. If you time it right, you can view Wishes from the top of the restaurant, and it’s amazing! Other great restaurants are Artist Point at the Wilderness Lodge, Jiko at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Le Cellier at Epcot, Flying Fish at the Boardwalk and Narcoossee’s at Grand Floridian.
Make sure that you book your dining reservations well in advance! Also, some restaurants like California Grill take 2 vouchers from the dining plane instead of 1!

WDW is so much bigger than Disneyland, there is a lot more to do than just a few kiddie rides at the themeparks and when you’ll let staff members know you’re on your honeymoon, they will pamper you and treat you on fun little extra’s.

But if you’re both having doubts, maybe you should be looking for something else. After all, it is your honeymoon, and if you do it right, you’re only gonna do it once. You don’t want to regret it or spend the rest of the time wondering if you’ve done the right thing.

Hope this helped. Have a wonderful time!

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Disney World Map

Donna asks…

Leaving for Disney World in 4 days?

Does anyone have any tips, tricks, insider details or cast member secrets?

Thank you :)

Orlando answers:

I just came back three weeks ago. Disney is amazing. If you have never been I will give you the inside tips. Before you go visit Disney’s website for park hours. Most parks open at 9:00 AM everyday and close at different times. I recommend arriving at the parks at least 30-45 minutes before opening. There that will give you plenty of time to go thorough security, buy tickets if you don’t have them already, go through the ticket lines, and head inside the park. Even if the attraction aren’t open you can still take pictures, grab a quick breakfast(Main Street Bakery is a great way to start of the day at Magic Kingdom. I swear they have cinnamon rolls are huge!), or get yourself acquainted with the park. Which means getting a map, lathering up in sun screen, or planning out what you want to do. And don’t rush everything! Disney is way more fun when you aren’t tired. If you don’t get to see everything it is ok. There is always next time. I have a great book for you to get. It gives all the inside scoop on Disney World. And fast passes are a must! Here are the rides at each park where I think fast passes are needed.
Magic Kingdom:
Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain,Mickey’s PhillarMagic
Hollywood Studios:
Tower of Terror, Rock n Roller coaster, and Toy Story Mania(When I went the wait was 90 minutes and there were no fast passes. I would say that was at least 21/2 hours after opening.So get those fast passes first since the lines for Tower of Terror were actually shorter)
Animal Kingdom:
Kali River Rapids, Expedition Everest, and Kilimanjaro Safaris
Test Track, Soarin, and Mission Space.
Another tip to save money. Pack your own snacks and drinks. Disney allows coolers to be brought inside the park. I know that is extra to carry around. If you need a stroller you can stick the cooler in the bottom. Water bottles, juices, sodas, and teas are very pricey in the parks. So why not bring your own! It will save you so much in the long run. And pack your own snacks. Anything from chips, cookies, or sandwiches will do.Hope I helped! Enjoy your vacation!

William asks…

Baby supplies at Disney world?

I am traveling to disney in february for my sons first birthday. I need to know if disney carrys Baby food, Homo milk, and diapers? If they do carry baby food what kind is it (gerbers, heins etc.) and is there a variety? Also I need to know the prices of these items as well if possible! Thank you for your help! I will reward someone with a best answer so please answer with detail :)

Orlando answers:

They have a very, very little variety in baby food. They carry gerbers that I’ve seen. It’s more of a back up alternative for parents who run out or need it in an emergency, but it’s not adequate for the whole vacation stay.They’re also over priced. I travel with my little one frequently and always brought all her food, formula/milk, diapers, wipes, snacks, etc…(Went to Disney with her at 2 months old, Disneyland for 1st Birthday, & just came back a couple of weeks ago from Disney again. She’s 2) This is even more important if you don’t have a vehicle/car. I had a vehicle, so I was able to go to supermarket for supplies but I still packed most of her food, diapers, etc…

Make sure you pack enough for your length of stay and a little extra in case of emergency, i.e flight delays/cancellations.

All Disney theme parks have a Baby care center where you can feed/change or take a break with the baby. Here’s where you usually see the baby supplies. They have high chairs, changing tables, microwave, and nursing rooms. The nicest one is in Animal Kingdom. It’s the largest and they have a nice area for kids to unwind. Check your theme park maps for locations and become familiar with their locations in case you want to use them.

Hope this helped and have fun…

Carol asks…

diorama of walt disney world?

for school i had to read about walt disney. and now i need to do a book talk and a diorama. the diorama can be about him or about disney world. it cant be just the characters hes created though. if you have any ideas that would be great. =]

Orlando answers:

You could download maps of Disneyworld and paste them on cardboard and then stand them up so it’s like a 3-d diorama. Good luck!

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